ALL IN - 21 Day Fast

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When the disciples were perplexed and frustrated after failing to free a man’s son from demonic possession, Jesus told them these words in Matthew 17:21 "Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." There are some instances and situations in life where prayer is not enough, and must be accompanied with the sacrifice of a fast.  
Beginning at midnight on Monday, March 5th through midnight on Sunday March 25th, God has called us to endure a 21 day fast where we will not eat meat, fried foods, sweets, junk food or eggs and drink only water. Expect during and after this time of sacrifice to experience the results of Isaiah 58 which are bands to be broken, those who have been spiritually and physically oppressed to be free, and those who are sick or diseased among us to be healed.  If you are ALL IN, choose to say yes to the fast that will bring favor, uncommon miracles and open supernatural doors to those who have been held back by systems, strong holds and generational curses!
As Esther fasted along with the entire nation, God intervened in her situation and saved not just her, but the entire Jewish lineage from destruction.    If you feel like you have been fighting alone, join in the army of believers, and watch God, who is Jehovah Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts), step in your situation and defeat what has been coming against not only you, but also those who are connected to your obedience.  
Be sure to abstain from carnal habits including negative language, ALL sexual sins, and secret habits that have been a hindrance in your spiritual life.  I believe this time before God does something new for you, first there will be a new you.  Let’s ban together and see God work wonders among us and through us.  It’s time to fast! 

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